Saturday, August 4, 2007


I'm starting this blog to have a place where others can read some articles I've written and better understand activities I enjoy. I am mostly interested in ourdoor activities. I find the time I spend outdoors to be the most relaxing and refreshing time I can spend whether I'm sipping a beer in the backyard staring at Mt. Diablo, hiding under a picnic table with my kids in a rainstorm, backpacking 30 mile days for a week in the mountains, or running 100 miles in a day. Well, maybe this last item isn't so relaxing, but despite the misery, it's sure a lot of fun to train with friends and a huge feeling of accomplishment when it's done. Being fit enough to do and enjoy these activities is a huge plus. So look through some of the articles I've written. If it inspires you to try something new or enjoy your life more, GREAT!

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Shaun Romans said...

Kevin, Fantastic achievements and interests! I'm an ultra-runner in a lull and trying to ramp up training to be back in racing shape. I just read the new issue of Trailrunner which said you planned on a JMT ski trip: has it happened yet? I would love to read about the details. Thanks for sharing.
Shaun Romans